Where we Belong EP.

by Daren Sirbough

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All Artwork copyright 2010 Daren Sirbough
Permission required to re-use content or images in print or electronic form


released November 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Daren Sirbough Sydney, Australia

Daren began song writing at the end of 2009. Being a dreamer and innately curious about the “big” questions in life, he took writing as an opportunity to be honest and share all that he uncovers about each leg of the journey. Daren has produced a sound that is a combination of folk, acoustic, indie, pop and rock, making his debut EP a true reflection of his insatiable and sundry taste in music. ... more

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Track Name: Without You
Is this forever? Was this real or was this an unborn love?
Questions you had for me, questions I had for you. Was it enough?
Now I wait by the telephone, wondering where you are and where you've been all this time

And all I have to say
Is that I miss you so much more, having lost my gratitude and let you go.
I can't escape the fact that I can't let you go.
Don't wanna waste another day without you

The smell of your perfume reminds me of the days and the nights when I held you.
I look at the photographs and I wonder to myself, 'Can I get you back'?
But I can see clearly now that the feelings gone, and I wonder where you are, and I wonder what went wrong?

We're going down down down down
We're going down.
Track Name: Marks in the Sand
We tip toe with our feet making marks in the sand.
Walking along, wonder and love hand in hand.
The sun comes to play, all of our cares fade away.
I made a joke that wasn't so funny.

The joke was on me
The joke was on me, I couldn't see.

If this is the end then I've had so much fun.
I hope you are well and I hope we can move on.
But I secretly pray that we'll come together, together once more and make marks in the sand again.

I look at the stars are they near are they far?
As they shine so brightly, I wonder where you are?
Do you realise that you are the star in the night that I look for?

I will not forget you
I will not forget you
Star in the night
Star in the night
Track Name: Stars
Angel won't you pass my way and help me out of the mess I seem to have fallen into.
These doubts and fears collide in me, and my heart's now on empty.
This is not the way it's meant to be.
But I know that better days will come, but what to do with today is now the question in my mind.

I'm reaching out to the stars
Way up high where we belong
We belong with the eagles above
I'm reaching out to the stars
And though I've lost my way I'll reach out anyway
I'll reach out anyway to the stars
To the stars

These ordinary days and ordinary nights roll by.
I've resolved in my heart to keep on looking up this time.
And things may break my heart and break my spirit.
I will learn this way to keep on running keep on loving with the life I've got today.

I'm scared that I won't make it out and that it's over.
That it's all over.
And though I'm down I'm certainly not out.
I'm gonna keep on looking up, looking to the skies.